5 Benefits of a clean home office

5 befits of a clean home office
  1. Increased Productivity Without the obstacles of clutter or the mental distraction that a messy office causes, employees are happier and more productive. According to the National Association of Professional Associations, paper clutter reduces productivity in office environments. Employees waste time trying to locate documents or clean up past projects to organize or archive their work. It is much easier to remain focused in a clutter-free office, and it also reduces stress levels. A happy employee is a working employee!
  2. Improved Overall Health of Staff and VisitorsConsidering the respiratory benefits explained above as well as the germs and bacteria involved, it’s no secret that cleanliness in the workplace leads to less absenteeism from staff due to illness. Keeping a clean and hygienic office space decreases the chances of spreading sickness to your employees. Besides, disinfecting and sanitizing high touch areas like doorknobs, keyboards, appliances, and trash cans can reduce the spread of germs. 
  3. A Professional Appearance A workplace that is consistently kept clean is an expression of your values. It shows you value your organization or business; you value your employees’ health and safety and value your customers and visitor’s experience. A welcoming atmosphere means you take pride in your facility and can be an excellent marketing tool when current or potential customers come to your business. People consider cleanliness as a top priority when deciding whether they want to do business with someone again!
  4. A Safer Workplace When floors are maintained, clean, and dry, it will prevent slips and spills—reducing clutter such as long cords in high traffic areas or odd placements for extra office supplies will result in fewer bumps and accidents. A reduction in the number of germs, bacteria, and dust floating around the office means a healthier environment for everyone.
  5. Improved Air QualityDusty surfaces, carpets or upholstered office furniture can create poor air quality over time. Maintaining a consistent schedule of wiping down surfaces, getting your carpets cleaned and vacuumed, and cleaning your upholstery will cut down on these respiratory irritants and improve your office’s overall air quality. Carpets and upholstery especially hold onto dust and debris from the air and keep them embedded deep in their fibres. Having a professional come in and clean both these items on a semiannual schedule will keep your office air fresh and clean.




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